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Guida Alpina - Maestro di Alpinismo


Ski Instructor - Mountain Bike Guide

Alla scoperta del vero spirito della vita in montagna

Descendant form a family of moutain guides, I was born and live in the amazing mountain village of Madonna di Campiglio. Since I was a child, I have hanged out at the mountain both in winter time - with alpine skiing competitions - and in summer time hiking and climbing to the top of the peaks near home.

The emotion of being alone in the mountains and the pleasure to share this passion, led me to become a mountain guide. It allows me to pass down to people the true spirit of mountain life.

I deeply know my moutains that I love hiking along uncommon itineraries to discolse the most peculiar and enchanting locations.  

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Guide alpine Madonna di Campiglio Guide alpine Madonna di Campiglio Guide alpine Madonna di Campiglio

Become familiar with a mountain group by exploring it through unknown itineraries, discovering unique landscapes and views. Days of overwhelming freedom, immersed in nature and far from the frenzy of daily routine - live the experience of moving freely in full harmony with the surroundings.


Experience these equipped “iron pathways” - challenging aerial itineraries among suggestive landscapes with breathtaking view of peaks, pinnacles and cliffs of the Dolomites. A great opportunity to observe close-up the extraordinary and severe environment where climbers and mountaineers venture.


Experience the emotion of tackling the apparently inaccessible dolomitic cliffs; the rewarding satisfaction of climbing the classic or modern routes where the aerial passages and dizzying abseil descents will remain a strong and non-fading memory.

High Mountain

Gratifying trails across expanses of ice, majestic ridges and, from the high altitudes, dominate endless horizons and magnificent Alpine landscapes. Fulfill the dream of being on the summit, where land ends and skies begin, savoring the conquest of the most re-known peaks of the Alpine range.


Savour the winter mountain amid the purity of the white snow and the magic of silence. Discover amazing trails, crossing valleys and passes in an engaging sequence of gratifying up-hills and thrilling descents


Be entirely engulfed by the captivating flawless mantle of snow.  Savour performances in the freshly fallen snow and admire the lines designed on the shining firn.

Ice falls

Climbing on frozen flows, formed by the freezing of water, is one of the most fascinating and thrilling winter activities. The adventurous climb of these amazing blue lines leads to a very unique and striking environment. This type of climb ensures adrenalin-charged sensations. 

Accompanied skiing

Visit the most re-known resorts and ski areas of the DolomitesGreat skiing, together with guidance and advice, the days will be an interesting mix, combining fun with the ski lesson and interest of the surroundings with the taste of good food.

Mtb and e-biking

Explore by bike or e-bike the Adamello Brenta Nature Park and the Brenta Dolomites - Unesco World Heritage. Enduro and freeride tours and excursions organized to enjoy your holiday and to improve your skills on the bike. 

“DOLOMITI di BRENTA”: in nature’s embrace

Exclusive offer designed for visiting the Adamello Brenta Nature Park and the stunning places around the Dolomiti di Brenta. Discover the multitude of mountain paths that pass through forests and pastures before reaching the vertical rock faces of the Dolomites. A three-day experience tailored to 3 different types of itinerary that you can choose depending on your interests and skills: nature walk, mountain excursion, or hiking for experts.

The boundless beauty of the “DOLOMITI di BRENTA”

Exclusive offer designed for exploring the central chain of the Dolomiti di Brenta, walking along the equipped paths that lead to one of the most famous high mountain trails in the Dolomites, “La Via delle Bocchette”. A three-dayexperience following a fantastic route that, thanks to its long but well-equipped exposed stretches, offers the possibility to immerse yourself in the majesty of the Dolomites and admire unforgettable views.

Customised itineraries available.

The “DOLOMITI di BRENTA” and mountaineering from days gone by

Exclusive offer which allows to follow in the footsteps of the first mountaineers to conquer the summits of the Dolomites, giving you the opportunity to range across the peaks of this enchanting rocky universe, relishing the feeling that you can touch the sky. A three-day experience where you will learn about mountaineering and the high mountains, giving you the opportunity to embark on the search for the most accessible route to conquer the mountain. Exposed, vertical, and with stunning views across endless landscapes, immense satisfaction is guaranteed.

Customised itineraries available.

Vertical freedom in the “DOLOMITI di BRENTA”

The spectacular, towering Dolomites that form the Brenta Group and their vertical rock faces offer a multitude of ascent options for those new to climbing and for more experienced climbers. The countless routes discovered by mountaineers in these locations have written the story of mountaineering. A three-day experience which allows you to explore this fascinating environment and take in the stunning views from the central massif of the amazing Dolomiti di Brenta.

Customised itineraries available.

The “DOLOMITI di BRENTA” by bike

Ride an e-MTB along the countless cross-country and endurance trails that make up the “BikeLand Madonna di Campiglio”. Easily reach the most fascinating corners of a vast landscape that spans from the Dolomiti di Brenta to Lake Garda, giving you the opportunity to discover all its secrets. The routes are highly satisfying due to the variety of terrain to experience, and are easy to enjoy thanks to the option of using cable cars and the bike bus to complete your tours.
Exclusive three-day tour tailored to three different types of itinerary you can choose depending on your interests and skills: easy tour, mountain tour, or marathon tour.


Alpine Days Mountain Home is a warm and comfortable refuge in the center of Madonna di Campiglio. A traditional mountain home managed with passion by me and Monica

Here you can always find a warm welcome, a cosy atmosphere and the traditions of Madonna di Campiglio with the authentic stories of mountain guides.